“When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.” Arapaho proverb

June 26th, 2012 by

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Mothers and Daughters get a break…

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Sign up with your mother or daughter for any Back to Earth Outdoors trip from May 13th-21st and each of you will receive $100 off!

1. Select the trip you’d both like to join us for.

2. Click the “Book Now” button on the side of the trip description.

3. Fill out the registration form and simply enter the code “moms2012″ where it says “Coupon Code.”

That’s it!


Spring Awakening-Joshua Tree National Park

April 11th, 2012 by

A tree that reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed.

A structure over 9 stories begins with a handful of earth.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

–Tao Te Ching 64


The I-5 is an outstretched arm speeding us into the darkness. We are either the shaft of the arrow or have been attached to the arrow’s head by something greater, either way we’re hurtling directed, headlong, free and ready into unfolding days under a hot sun, in the company of the friendly looking Joshua trees, the orange, golden, and red artfully collected and arranged rocks, and a dream of sky that has promised to us four days without rain.

We ran around the desert singing, playing, crying, being alone, being together, howling as a tribe of coyotes to a sliver moon in a wild hapless joy to be a part of it all- and perhaps a hint of grief for having gone so long without howling, for the lost humanity we live in, and for what we find, and perhaps even for the knowing that we still haven’t remembered completely how to really live seamlessly in this place…so many footprints, so many little broken twigs…


Back to Earth Outdoors get’s spotlighted!!

March 4th, 2012 by

Each month, the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) spotlights a WEN member or a nonprofit organization who is helping engage the Bay Area community on environmental issues. This month they chose to spotlight Back to Earth Outdoors and the new Director, Dashielle Vawter. Check out an excerpt below or click here to read the full length feature.

“Back to Earth Outdoors is an inspiring Bay Area organization dedicated to introducing wilderness to people who have not spent much time in it, or for those who have, strengthening that connection. The organization strives to facilitate experiences of connection with the Earth that inspire lasting change in how we conceive of our relationship with the planet.

One of the Back to Earth Outdoors signature programs is the Intro to Backpacking for Women trip. The purpose of the program is to train women in backpacking skills so that they can organize and lead their own trips, and overcome any intimidation in doing so. The outing also aims to connect and empower women to have a positive relationship and impact with nature. ”

To become a member of the Women’s Environmental Network click here.


Early bird specials!

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Register for your expedition or retreat by the end of February and get up to $150 dollars off!